I was told I should say a few words about myself and why I started this blog. Well, OK for the sake of good form, here we go..

When I was in school and near graduating, the internet was still really very young, I’m mean Commodore Vic 20’s were in the stores and every geek and geek wanna be had one, wanted one or was sharing with his brother, cousin or best friend! MAN, does that seem a long time ago now!

Anyway, it was a couple of years later and my Moms best friend wanted to get a small website going for her Hairdressing shop and I decided I would help her as I had been dabbling with Microsoft FrontPage “THE LATEST” in web development software at the time! (OK I might have exaggerated that one a little – but It make me feel better OK?)

Many years passed, I learned more and more about the internet, marketing SEO, on page and off, etc. Back then, MOST businesses still put their fate in the heads of the yellow pages, newspaper ads and every other dying media. This proved to be an opportunistic time to go and offer my expertise to companies and get then ranking in Google and flood them with an endless sea of people running, jumping and indeed begging to give businesses their money! At least that’s what the business saw internet marketing as – some fly by night internet fashion trend that wasn’t worth the time, energy and money to bother with!

Yes, they were wrong, I knew it, but could I convince them (at the time) they should have a website, market it and get on page #1 of Google, beat their competitors and essentially corner the market (along with a few others in the same niche) and make lots of money from an undiscovered bounty of people looking for “exactly” what they sold! er no, no frigging way actually.

It took another five years before business owners begun to realize the internet was a veritable marketing feast, a cornucopia so to speak of opportunity online and I was there and still am making a full time living helping all the enlightened ones  down the correct path to online success and loving every minute of it!

Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.

To my friends that contributed through our many discussions, I thank you.